The Jeepers Jamboree, also known as the “Big Trip,” is a 3 or 4 day guided off-road excursion on the famous Rubicon Trail. The Jeepers Jamboree sees a larger attendance, and has more of an “adult atmosphere.” Participants must be 16 years or older to attend.

Your adventure starts in Georgetown California, where you will travel over the renowned “Crown Jewel” the Rubicon Trail, on your way to the beautiful Rubicon Springs campground. We have experienced trail guides stationed along the way to assist you over the more difficult areas. We provide a full staff of highly qualified mechanics who are there to help, should you have any mechanical issues. Once you arrive into Rubicon Springs campground, we provide deliciously prepared meals, live entertainment, and dancing to round out the fun. The trip concludes on Sunday, where you will travel the rest of the Rubicon Trail out into the beautiful North Lake Tahoe area.

Please join us for an amazing off-road adventure!